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How to wash raw denim? We answer denim’s most controversial question!

Some never do it, some do it in the sea, some do it in the shower and some use a machine. Washing jeans!

Just how do you wash your jeans? It must be the most common question in the world of raw denim. And it must be the thing that gets denimheads the most wound up.

Simple as that!

The truth is, it is so damn simple. When your jeans are antisocially stinky, when you have a pack of wild dogs following you or just when it comes time to repair. Throw them in the washing machine, inside out at 40 degrees. Done.

Hear me out

Now, before you start leaving a bunch of nasty comments. Hear me out. Throwing your jeans in the washing machine is the best way of washing them, but I know many of you out there will be a little sceptical, to say the least. So in the latest vlog. I show you not only the washing machine method, but we also dive into the bathtub.

A soak in the tub

The bathtub is a perfect alternative to throwing your jeans in the washing machine. It takes a little more work and a little more time but it is gentle and will treat your beloved jeans right.

So sit back, relax and let’s get your jeans squeaky clean!

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