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Be nice to friends and family with Denim Balm

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Sick fades and stink go hand in hand. Could this be the solution we’ve been waiting for?

You have your raw denim jeans and you’re doing it right. You’re going to wear these damn things every single day. You’re going to get a pair of jeans worthy of the hallowed hall of fades. There’s just one anti-social issue – the stink.

There is no way around it, wearing the same garment for 6 months straight is a nasty business. It’s something us denimheads have accepted. We glance in disdain at limp well-washed jeans and smugly pat ourselves on the back for being in the know. And we know it’s worth it!

Our wives, girlfriends, friends, family or anyone in the immediate vicinity might disagree.

Much too much musk

There comes an inevitable time in every denimheads life when the stink just becomes too much. No amount of airing outside will hide the multitude of sins you have committed. You are Dorian Grey, your jeans are the painting.

I recently had one such moment. Stuck in a little car on the German Autobahn, air-con kaput with the summer sun beating down. It became painfully apparent that my beloved jeans simply stank. Action must be taken!

Wash them? Surely not!

As hardcore denimheads, our choices are limited. Wash them? No thanks! Ok ok, yes there will come the time when the ol soap and water will be necessary. But what if we want to postpone the inevitable? What are our options?

Stick them in the freezer, drench them in Fabreeze, lather them with one or other of the dedicated denim sprays? In order…. no that’s dumb, no that stinks worse and I’ve never had much success with the last.

We look to a Dutchman to help. A Dutchman who’s more used to keeping your skin soft and your beard preened. And at first, it seems like the most unlikely of solutions.

Goopy, waxy and comes in a little pot

Denim Balm. It’s like beard balm for your jeans. It’s goopy, waxy and comes in a little pot. Jasper, the whacky genius behind the Denim Balm is normally found crafting concoctions for your face and body. He is the founder of the Damn Good Soap Company. The name says it all.

Jasper worked together with Re De Winkle, the Netherlands oldest denim store. They wanted to come up with something that would keep your jeans fresh while making them a little softer.

All natural

The Denim Balm is made up of a number of all natural waxes, oils and scents. It is the consistency of gloop and at first glance, you think “That’s going nowhere near my jeans!”

But in the name of all denimheads everywhere. I went where no denimhead has gone before and smeared this stuff all over my stinky jeans.

It didn’t stain or turn the denim, into wax canvas as I feared. Instead, it did exactly what is said on the tin. If refreshed and nourished the denim. Replacing that musky odour with a light fresh scent.

Immediately after application, I noticed a light waxy feeling to the fabric. Nothing that I was concerned about, but the hand of the denim was different. After 24 hours that waxiness had gone and the light, fresh scent remained.

Reek remains removed

It has been about 2 weeks since I applied the denim balm. The fresh scent has dissipated as I fully expected. But the stink has stayed away. My only explanation is that the wax and oils have penetrated the fibres and act as a barrier against smelly situations.

So although there is no solution to the looming inevitability of the first wash. The Denim balm is the most viable solution I’ve found yet to stay the execution. Invest in this little pot of magic. Your friends, family and the local wildlife will thank you.

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