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The New Denim Direction for Rope Dye with Our First Video Blog

Something New for You.

Over here at Rope Dye, we want to try something a little new for you guys. We are going to take advantage all this new-fangled tech and start our very own video blog or Vlog, as the kids are calling it these days.

What’s it all about?

Well, it is about learning. Seeing where this new direction can take us. What possibilities video can offer you, our readers (now viewers). We will listen to your comments and bring you the content you want from us…. within reason, if you know what I mean.

Let’s Get the Ball Rolling.

To kick this whole thing off, we are going to take you along on a little bit of a mission; the mission to find the perfect pair of raw selvedge denim jeans.

Project Pair

A project pair of jeans is one you buy with the intention of putting some serious wear into them, getting those delicious fades and having something at the end which is truly yours and yours alone. It has been a little while since I personally had a serious contender for this role and it is high time I had another project pair.


I will take you through the initial steps I go through when deciding on a price, the fabric, the weight and fit. We will look at what you should consider given each of those categories and how your lifestyle and expectations will influence your final decision.

Don’t confuse Size and Fit

Once you have the look, fit and denim weight you are looking for, we will see how you find the right size. We will look at how to measure your jeans properly to ensure that your new jeans are the perfect size.

That Perfect Pair

Once we are in the perfect jeans, we will take a look at the initial steps I personally recommend to take before you start wearing your jeans: Keep in mind that this will be controversial but please bear with me… this step will make your jeans last longer.

The Best-laid Plans

So guys, that’s the plan for now. What do you think? We are open to comments and criticism always and look forward to knowing your thoughts on this new direction.

A little disclaimer

As enthusiastic, diligent and hard working as we are, this is a totally new direction for us over here at the RD office. This will be a learning curve and we kindly ask for a little allowance. We won’t be a JJ Abrams right away.

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