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The right pair of socks with boots and shorts makes a serious summer statement

The mercury is rising in the northern hemisphere and it is getting to the point where we put the indigo in to storage for its summer nap. Out come the shorts and we come back to the age-old question – what to wear with them?

Beach and park days take care of themselves; a decent pair of flip-flops will always do the trick. But, regular shoes – Oxfords, brogues and suchlike – look more than a little ridiculous with baggy shorts.

At a push, they can look smart with a tailored short but then there’s the very real risk of looking like an extra from a 1930s costume drama. Hint; it just ain’t worth it!

By process of elimination and by happy coincidence, a cracking pair of boots will always look the business with casual shorts.

There’s a faintly punky, crusty air about this combination and the urban-chic even errs slightly on the aggressive side. The statement is 100% masculine and also opens up the creative canvass for an eye-catching sock or two.

That means the twin benefits of the feet not stinking like an overripe Gorgonzola, and drawing attention to that fine footwear which saw you part with the best part of five hundred bucks!

That’s why we are taking a closer look at three very different socks which all have one thing in common. They all look great with a classic, laced, ankle-high boot.

Walk on the wild side

Wildwerk is an artisanal manufacturer out of the picturesque Bavarian city of Bayreuth. Their socks are produced in very small batches or indeed made-to-order. This can mean that delivery times are a little longer that we are used to these days. Yes, some things are worth waiting for.

Style-wise, they range from being almost-restrained through to crazy cartoon villain. Their red, white and blue stripy number wouldn’t look out of place on Dick Dastardly!

The construction is essentially an all-season weave which should keep you right for all but the hottest of days.

Understatedly Andalusian

A somewhat more restrained and altogether more organic style is served up by Thunders Love, a small Spain-based manufacturer which places an accent upon using traditional techniques.

They go big on highly-prized Egyptian cotton and even remix recycled cast-offs from the local textile industry.

This earns Thunders Love a huge tick in the sustainability box. It removes the need to harvest new cotton, use more dyes or any of the potentially harmful chemicals that are difficult to avoid in modern production.

And, at €25 a pop, they are as easy on the pocket as they are on the environment.

New York street style

One of the newer products in the Left File NYC line-up is the premium cotton tube sock. True to type, they are loud, bolshy and brash with most styles sporting the signature Skull Head motif.

At a mere $16 a pair – or $54 for a mix it yourself 4-pack – they are all-American made and feature thick terry padding throughout.

Again, that might rule out the fiercest of July days but they do come with the bold promise that “this the most comfortable tube sock you have ever worn.”

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