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IMG_7475eBay is a great place to spend all your savings on vintage denim. Recently I got my hands on this pair of late 90s deadstock Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1955 501XX jeans made at the now closed Valencia Street factory in San Francisco. It’s a worn out cliché, but they (Levi’s) really don’t make jeans like this anymore.

IMG_7484IMG_7489IMG_7500IMG_7506555 indicates Valencia Street.

IMG_7520IMG_7528The denim is really hairy and deep indigo blue dye rubs off rather easily.

IMG_7542Punch through rivet and all.

IMG_7557From what I know the 0498 in the bottom right corner on the tag is the production month and year. I’m doing research on this topic at the moment and for a full article on how to date the production of Levi’s jeans based on the various kinds of care tags I’m drawing on the  experience of specialists such as Levi’s’ own Nils Schéle and the renowned denimhead Paul Trynka.

IMG_7566Roping already before the first soak.

IMG_7578Below is the 1955 next to a turn-of-the-millennium 1947 501xx also from the Valencia Street factory, one could say, “every garment guaranteed to fade beautifully.”


  • Chas Michael Michaels

    wait you are making a blog post about a pair of LVC? Pfft stop wasting my time.

  • Rob Waldeck

    This is not a pair of 1955 jeans. Unless someone built a time machine and attached the bar code tag to it. Its a forgery.

  • Rob Waldeck

    so wait, this is a 1990’s 1955 jeans? not well written. I’d use the words “re-creation” or something of the sort.

  • chris Bouyer

    Being made by the same factory on the same looms doesn’t make it a forgery at all .
    On the contrary it shows the continuity in quality and design carried over the years ..
    1955 being te year of introduction
    If harley Davidson was to make a 2013 model identical to their 1955 one it would be the real deal .Subcontracting Honda to do so would be a forgery .That’s what LVC does now a day .
    I agree with you .
    So a Valencia pair of jeans 1955 or 1947 is the real deal

  • Andrew Weltz

    you can’t get much more specific than “late 90s deadstock Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1955 501XX” . . . what the author expects the reader to know is that all jeans in the LVC line are re-productions. If these jeans were actually from 1955 they would be vintage Levi’s. As it is, they are vintage LVCs, which is pretty cool!

  • Andrew Weltz

    Not just any pair of LVCs, a pair of early vintage LVCs!

  • Andrew Weltz

    Not just any pair of LVCs, a pair of early vintage LVCs!

  • Fergs

    Thomas, absolutely love your site. I noticed in your last picture, the yellow stitching on the outer seam by the pockets of the 47’s looks like it just keeps going. Is it just the camera angle and cropping at work?

  • Denimhunters

    Hi Fergs,
    The stitching ends right “outside” the picture.

  • Sumi Kodak’q

    0498 on that tag can determine the date of manufacture, even it still does that today, My denim Jacket was 0708 = July, 2008. 0498 = 04/98 or 04/1998, April, 1998. My New Looking Vintage Pants that had a tag, until I pulled it off was made in 1295 (12/95, 12/1995, or December, 1995), I was like oh my. Because I’m also born in 1995 as well, but 12 months older than that Jeans.

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