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Nouvelle de Nîmes Nº 5: The Denim Dictionary


Do you know your butt from your bartacks or your arcs from your elbow? When anything gets geeky it tends to build up an encyclopedic style terminology to accompany it. Denim is no different and for the novice Denimhunter this all may seem a little overwhelming when you are starting out. Luckily however the kind fella’s at Tenue de Nîmes have come up with the perfect solution, the “Denim Dictionary”.

The Denim Dictionary marks the 5th installment of the Amsterdam based stores’ in-house gazette, Nouvelle de Nîmes. Tenue de Nîmes hope to publish approximately 10 times a year and each will focus on “jeans and the art of permanent style”. Here at Rope Dye we love the gazette and its bigger brother the Journal de Nîmes. Both are packed with fascinating articles and information.


The Denim Dictionary itself is a 10 page guide with a comprehensive A-Z listing of denim terminology with thorough explanations of each. It was created in collaboration with the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

Both the Centraal Museum and Tenue de Nîmes set out to create a comprehensive guide to denim terminology, and with the help of illustrator Joost Stokhof we feel that they have achieved their goal. The list is certainly very thorough with perhaps one, okay two, but that’s all, entries being new to us. It will certainly make for essential reading for both the sage denimhead and denim novice alike.



It is available as a hardcopy through the two stores in Amsterdams or if you are nowhere close by, or simply want to be kind to a tree, you can view the entire publication online.


Don’t forget to visit the Rope Dye Glossary as well.

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