How To Make Your Raw Denim Jeans Last Forever

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These 4 Simple Steps that Will Make your Jeans last longer

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, that one pair that fits just right. You live in denim, and you want your favorite pair to last forever. Dyer & Jenkins put together four simple steps to get more wears per pair.

1) Make Sure You’re Actually Buying Raw Denim

If you want a pair of jeans to last you a long time, you should buy them raw. The reason is simple: you’ll get more wears per pair.

Think about it, if you go to a store to buy pre-distressed denim, you are essentially buying a pair of jeans that are already worn down and broken in. This sucks for several reasons: you typically pay more for pre-distressed denim because the company producing them has to pay someone extra to distress them for you; you don’t get to break them in yourself, and worst of all; the vast majority of pre-distressed jeans are made in factories with poor, and sometimes dangerous working conditions.

How To Make Your Raw Denim Jeans Last Forever

2) Get The Right Size

In most cases you want to size down with raw denim. Raw denim stretches about an inch in the waist with some wear. However, you are also safe to order true to size – your standard size – with a belt.

Choosing the correct size should also help ensure that you don’t get crotch blowouts after only a few months of wear. Crotch blowouts happen because this area of your jeans is likely to see the most tension – especially if you walk or ride a bicycle a lot. If you wear your jeans too tight or too low on the hips you will create even more tension and destroy the fabric faster.

Choosing the correct size will vary from brand to brand, so be sure to triple check their size guide before you buy. You can also take a look at our guide on how to measure jeans.

How To Make Your Raw Denim Jeans Last Forever

3) Wash Your Raw Denim

Some people will tell you it’s a sin to ever even think about washing your raw denim jeans. Other people say you should wait at least six months before washing them. The reason people suggest to hold off on washing your jeans is because they are trying to achieve high contrast fades. High contrast fading is cool and all, but having your favourite pair of jeans last a really long time is even better – and guess what? They are still going to fade.

We recommend washing your denim once every two to three months. You can wash them sooner if they stink. There is no need to smell like a hobo in the name of “sick fades.” More importantly, we recommend soaking your raw denim jeans before you start wearing them.We’ve also created this guide on how to wash your raw denim.

How To Make Your Raw Denim Jeans Last Forever

4) Repair Your Raw Denim

Your jeans are probably going to rip at some point. Here are two solutions:

(1) Find a tailor close to you to repair your jeans. If you’re lucky your local denim retailer can do the repair for you. (2) Do the repairs yourself. If you know how to sew, you can fix holes yourself. If you don’t and want to learn there are plenty of tutorials available. If you’re lucky enough you’ll live close to a guy like Luke from Darn and Dusted.

What it comes down to in the end is the “wear, tear, repair” philosophy embraces by many brands. Add to that some regular washing of the jeans and they are likely to last you a good, long time.

Ready To Buy A Pair of Raw Denim Jeans? Check Out Our Comprehensive Raw Denim Buying Guide Here!

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