Denimhunters’ Guide: How To Measure Jeans

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If You Are Looking to Find the Perfect Jeans Size You Need to Know How to Measure Your Jeans

Loom state, vanity sizing, shrink to fit and stretching.  all these things come into play when picking the perfect size of a new pair of raw denim. This guide will help you make sure your fit is spot on, no matter where you buy them.


With your existing pair, pull the waistband so they lay flat in order to measure from centre of back (back belt loop) to front closure (top button) and measure across. Multiply by two.

NB: The Japanese measure the waist by laying the jeans flat “in profile” (start by the fly and finish by the back rise).


A pair of jeans that fits a sinewy six foot bike messenger is not likely to fit a six-foot tall rugby player. Even if they have similar waists, the thigh area would make all the difference when it comes to the comfort and ease of movement. At the crotch, lay the jeans flat and make sure that any back rise fabric is to the left of the centre seam and measure the total width perpendicular to the leg. Multiply by two if necessary; most sites will just use the flat measurement.

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Similar to the thigh measurement; however, this time measure 14 inches (35 cm) from the crotch. Note: if you are particularly tall or short then take this into account when measuring down from the crotch. Multiply by two if necessary.

Leg Opening / Hem Line

This is where your foot comes out. It is simply measured seam to seam directly across the leg opening. Multiply by two.

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