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Holland’s Butts And Shoulders Takes A Beautiful First Step In To Handmade Footwear

We make no apology for having a bit of a man-crush on Wouter Munnichs and the team at Butts and Shoulders.

Freud would have a field day. Maybe it was their fetish for virginal, veg-tanned leather and their deep obsession with design simplicity that first attracted us. Whatever, their stuff is simply incredible and that is why we were cock-a-hoop when they became one of our first Brand Partners on the Rope Dye Store.

As is usually the case where the emphasis is on craftsmanship, the Butts & Shoulders product pipeline flows at the speed of deliberate, cautious evolution. 2015 saw the introduction of the more affordable Rough Collection and particularly their Worker’s Bag which is the ideal, all-in-one accessory for every keen weekender.

It was an eye-opener then, to start 2016 with a bang. Butts & Shoulder used the occasion of Modefabriek Amsterdam to take their first steps in to the footwear market with “The Boots”.

Classic, Simple, Adorable

The unfussy, streamlined styling is not a million miles away from that of the Viberg Classic Service boot or a slightly shorter Munson Ranger, albeit being fully-laced with eyelets rather than with the top three pairs of speed hooks.

Billed as “the ultimate boot”, each individually-numbered pair of the limited production run (only 100 pairs) is hand-crafted in Portugal from genuine, vegetable-tanned leather and made with the classic Goodyear welted construction.

The 100% chemical free leather will age beautifully over time and, of course, the more you use them, the deeper the character-forming patina will become. There is no doubting that, after a few short weeks’ wear, they will be utterly unique.

Call us obsessive but we are simply head over heels in love.

Where To Buy

Priced at €395, Butts & Shoulders’ “The Boots” are available online in sizes 7 to 12 (UK) 40.5 to 47 (EUR)

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