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A Tale of Two Boots: The Chippewa Cordovan Service Boot

Sizing: Size Down!

I chose the size based on my regular size in Red Wings, which is one size down from my normal shoe size. Due to the suppleness of the leather, if I was to get another pair I may be tempter to go down at least another half size. Perhaps even a full size.

Insole: TEXON With A Maple Leather Heel

The insole is “TEXON with a Maple Leather Heel.” After a quick Google for TEXON, I learned that they seem to be a US based company who make things like insoles and synthetic leather patches for jeans.

Whatever it is made of exactly, it has bedded in nicely and now fits the shape of my foot perfectly.

Laces: Flat, Waxed Cotton

The laces that come as standard are flat, waxed cotton and do a fine job. The waxed finish makes tightening and loosening them pretty simple, and with a double knot they hold just fine. With seven eyelets, your foot is held in nicely and securely and the laces suit the style of the boot perfectly.

Chippewa Service Boot Rope Dye Review

Outsole: Vibram “V-Bar”

A Vibram “V-Bar” sole is used. It has quite a slim profile and adds to the more refined look of the boots in comparison to other workwear or military inspired footwear.

The tread itself is quite minimal, which means they are not a year round boot, at least they will take a hiatus during the winter months for me. I have no doubt, however, the leather and the overall construction would stand up to snow and ice; I just feel that there would not be enough grip.

Chippewa Service Boot Rope Dye Review

Eyelets: Potential Pitfall

Sadly, the eyelets are both the boots biggest accomplishments and biggest failures. They are the rarer two-part type that gives a smooth surface on both the inside and the outside of the boot. This reduces wear on both the leather and, more importantly, the laces. But at the top of the boot, where the leather is three layers thick, the length is the eyelet used is a bit short and does not look to be fixed in place 100% securely. Whether this will ever pull out or cause any other issues is something only time will tell.

On page three, I present my overall opinion of the Chippewa Cordovan Service Boot – you also get a few links to find of more information about the brand

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