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Get the W.H. Ranch Natural Indigo Jeans Before They’re Gone

W.H. Ranch US-grown natural indigo - 1

W.H. Ranch Becomes the First Brand To Make Jeans From Cone Denim’s Recently Introduced US-Grown Natural Indigo Denim

There’s something special about being the first to do something. Maybe you get to set a standard, which can obviously be tremendously important for you and your business, or maybe you’ll just hold the rightful claim to stating “I was here first.”

Ryan Martin can now add “first to use Cone Denim’s US-grown natural indigo denim” to his W.H. Ranch brand’s list of feats.

Benchmaking Gives W.H. Ranch First-Mover Advantage

As you may have seen, Ryan released a Japanese natural indigo lot back in July. And now he got his hands on a roll of the all new Cone Denim US-grown natural indigo denim.

W.H. Ranch jeans are benchmade. This means that Ryan makes everything himself and that he does have to wait months on a factory to finish his jeans. When an order comes in, he makes it. That is why W.H. Ranch is the first to offer jeans made of this historic denim.

W.H. Ranch US-grown natural indigo – 4
W.H. Ranch US-grown natural indigo – 3
W.H. Ranch US-grown natural indigo – 2

Limited Denim Availability Makes the Jeans Even More Special

For the first production run, the supply is very limited. So limited that Ryan only has enough denim to make ten pairs of jeans.

There are two denims available, one weighing in at 13.25 oz. and a slightly weftier 16 oz. version. While the 13.25 oz. denim just came off the line, it will be a little longer before the 16 oz. one hits the market.

So, the W.H. Ranch jeans will be made from the 13.25 oz. all-year-round denim.

Expect Gorgeous Indigo Shades

Ryan has test-soaked a swatch of the denim and he is blown away by the colour:

“It turns into this brilliant blue, very similar to how James Dean’s Lee 101s looked in Rebel Without a Cause. Little known fact, the costume designer overdyed those jeans to make them more vibrant on screen. Lee 101s never actually looked like that.”

The price of the Cone Denim W.H. Ranch natural indigo jeans is $425, which is actually very reasonable considering that the denim costs more than twice as much as stock Cone denim. You can choose between all W.H. Ranch’s fits (the jeans pictures are the R1911 Slim Fit). Sizes range from 31-37 and you even have a custom size made, which brings the price up to $445.

Head over to the W.H. Ranch store to put in your order today. Click here!

Photography by Clayton Jenkins

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Rick Pym August 20, 2015 at 16:42

” This means that Ryan makes everything himself and that he does have to wait months on a factory to finish his jeans. When an order comes in, he makes it.”

Except that you can still expect to wait months for your jeans from Ryan. He’s got quite a backlog of orders apparently.

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