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Seriously Guys, You Might Want To Clear Your Browser’s History After Seeing this Playboy Portrait of Brit Eaton!

Here at Rope Dye we are a dedicated lot. We keep our eyes and ears open for any and all interesting tidbits – and if we think you should know about it, we bring it to you. Sometimes in our search we have to go unexpected places. If you follow the link below, you might have to clear your browser’s history afterwards.

Brit Eaton, A True Denimhunter

The Playboy website was one place we didn’t expect to end up on the trail of a true Denimhunter.

Nevertheless, we found this video on the Playboy website portraying Brit Eaton. It’s a glimpse into his fascinating day-to-day search for the rarest and most sought after denim pieces.

His work may involve rummaging through abandoned houses, tearing apart ghost towns or spelunking through an abandoned mine; Brit rests at nothing to discover “the blue gold.”

An Important Man For Denim History

Brit Eaton’s discoveries go off to designers, private collectors, and fashion houses. The Levi’s Archives houses a great many of Brits finds. There is no doubt that without him, the history of the blue jean would be much murkier.

The video in the link sounds like it should be a trailer for a much bigger project, it would be awesome if this was the case, but we can’t confirm anything for sure.

So, for now just sit back and enjoy watching this short clip of the people and places Brit finds out there whilst on the hunt.

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