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Googling for Adult Content Got This Guy Hooked on Raw Denim

In Chicago, IL lives Charles. Like most 22 year old guys, Charles he enjoys the occasional Googling for a little good ol’ bare skin action. One day, a couple of years ago, he typed in “celebrity porn and naked and famous,” but to his surprise he was presented with something quite different to what he expected; raw denim. Ever since he’s been hooked on the stuff – raw denim that is.

Charles’ Naked & Famous x Kamikaze Attack Jeans

Charles’ favourite brand is still Naked & Famous, and he’s particularly fond of their Skinny Guy fit.

In March 2014, he picked up this pair of the Kamikaze Attack collaboration Skinny Guy from Tate + Yoko – and he has been wearing them daily ever since.

As all Naked & Famous jeans, the Kamikaze Attacks are made in Canada from Japanese denim.

In addition, the jeans feature these specs:

  • 14.5 oz. unsanforized denim (yes, it shrinks-to-fit)
  • Denim woven in Kojima
  • Indigo weft and warp
  • Hidden rivets
  • Special collaboration deerskin leather patch
  • Heavy duty pocket bags with Kamikaze Attack’s logo

Charles hasn’t washed the jeans yet, although they had a soak seven months in. He plans to finally do wash around the 1-year mark (11th of March). The lack of washing and prolonged wear has made the jeans rip in several place; they’ve been repaired a couple of times by Mildblend in Chicago.

Naked & Famous Kamikaze Attack collaboration jeans

The Strains From Daily Wear Are Starting to Show

Besides daily wear, Charles has been crawling around the floor playing with his younger siblings and wearing the jeans on hiking trails and to the beach.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, he has achieved a pretty good circle fade on the right back pocket – and there’s another one on the coin pocket. The snap button on his wallet has worn through on the left back pocket and on the front there’s a clear rectangular fade and a little hole created by his cell phone. The button fly has also started to come apart, but Charles has managed to sew that back together himself.

You can see more pictures and get regular updates on the jeans from Charles’ Instagram account, Rawassdenim.

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