In-Depth Review of the 14.5L farmer’s racer Bag

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Sturdy, Reliable, and Altogether Brilliant – But, Not Necessarily Practical

Sweden is famous for minimalistic and functional design. Whether it’s furniture or fashion, the less is more principle seems to instinctively apply. On top of that, the Swedes have a shared intrinsic environmental awareness, something they take a lot of pride in. All these characteristics, and then some, are infused into the farmer’s racer bag. We’ve tested a bag for a few months and asked the founder how and, importantly, why he does it.

Living the Farmer’s Simple Life

In the spruce forests of Småland in the southeastern part of Sweden lives a farmer. His name is Lars Gustavsson and, like so many Smålandish farmers before him, Lars prefers the simple life. He is also a fan of motorcycles, which apparently have been a big deal around those parts for decades.

Lars has a bachelor’s degree in design, but he’s also actually a trained farmer. Living off the land has made him realise that something is wrong with the way society is geared for mass consumption.

“I want my shoes to last for a long time, I keep repairing my car, and my television from 1995 is working well,” he says.

How To Fix The Way We Consume?

Being fed up with short-term trends and the ever-spinning wheels of consumerism, Lars decided to do something about it. This was in 2011.

Lars wanted to make a change; he wanted to rediscover sustainable production and consumption. He just needed something to make; a slow craft with high-quality materials – something that would last a long time.

“I have seen a lot of clothes, tools, and accessories being handed down from one generation to the next.”

farmer's racer 14.5L orange

The Farmer’s Tool Bag

One item soon caught his interest, something that is every farmer’s trusted companion: the tool bag. This simple container has multiple purposes. It’s made to carry tools, lunch, and an extra shirt. But the bag also has another function.

Dirt bike racing is a popular spare time hobby in that part of Sweden. Find a barn, shed or backyard and you’ll probably also find a bike in the making. And the useful tool bag is of course brought from the tractor to the barn and the racetrack.

That’s the prequel of farmer’s racer. Go to page two to find out why the bags Lars makes are amazing

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