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Doublewood Denim x IDC – Sell Your Soul For 30 Pieces Of Silver

Doublewood x IDC raw selvedge collab

A Silver Rivet Crowns This Stunning Collab

San Francisco-based Doublewood denim is an emerging boutique brand which we have had in our sights for quite a few months now. 

This is a story of meticulous design, traditional craftsmanship and the sheer guts and determination to get things done. Differently.

It is little wonder then that they have also come to the attention of Canada’s International Design Collective (IDC) who are well-known for their hook-ups with Pure Blue Japan, Rogue Territory and Naked and Famous, amongst others.

Together, they have been secretly working on a jeans collaboration which is all set to be simultaneously unveiled this weekend – 28th March – in both the Vancouver and Toronto locations of dutil.Denim.

The collaboration deploys a mighty 17.25 oz. sanforized, white-line raw selvedge denim from Japan’s Kaihara Mills and is tailored to a clean, contemporary narrow fit. Additional features include chainstitch hemming and an 8oz vegetable-tanned, English bridle leather “IDC x Doublewood” patch together with selvedge trim on the back right pocket and a delicious, limited-edition canvas dust bag,

Each pair is numbered but perhaps the real stand-out feature is a single, engraved 925 sterling silver Doublewood rivet which quietly and understatedly lurks on the right-hand front pocket of each of these exclusive garments.

While frantically looking out long-johns for the long trip northwards, Jeffrey Lee, co-founder and design honcho at Doublewood, paused to give Rope Dye the inside story;

This collaboration is a first for us. We always love to partner with people who see the world the way we do and who share our passion for doing things just a little bit better. That’s why this adventure with IDC has been so right for us.

The essence of this collaboration is to display the capacity and ambitions between us and IDC. We have a strong interest in the sustainable life-span in a pair of well-crafted denim.

Our standard details were evolved fundamentally from this concept: hidden rivet, single-felled inseam, crotch rivet, raised belt loops, lined back pockets and a 10oz. un-primed canvas dustbag for folks to store their jeans when travelling and separating the stubbornly unwashed, worn-for-decades denim from other clean garments.

Jeffrey Lee co-founder & Designer. Doublewood
Jeffrey Lee co-founder & Designer. Doublewood

Starting from the core, we re-investigated our choice of fabric. We were extremely interested to see how our standard details would turn out on a heavier weight denim versus our usual 13.75oz.

Beyond that, we wanted to explore on one of the most overlook denim design components: rivets. We deliberately chose the closed-top 16 ligne burr for its sleek, minimal look and engraving potential.

We had explored many options from the traditional copper, brass to bronze and to the exquisite 18k gold (not gold-plated), until we found the unique patina of oxidised brushed sterling silver. Align with our fetish for well-aged denim, the silver rivet oxidised along with the engraving.

These are the unique aspects that drove us to develop this one-of-a-kind collaboration.

Canada-based denimheads should make tracks for the store between 4 and 6 PM where they will be able to discuss the project with the founders of both Doublewood and IDC, and, if they’re lucky, get their paws on one of the 30 limited edition pairs of these stunning jeans.

Vancouver: 303 West Cordova, Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5

Toronto: 704 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1E7

Or sell your soul online at dutil at $279 CDN (Around €290 in the EU including taxes and duty plus shipping). It’s worth every penny.

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