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SOSO Custom Jeans Enters The Super-Heavyweight Division

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32 oz. Denim Is Back In Production And Ready To Be Tamed

We reported last year about Canada’s Chris Benson and how he was breaking in his monstrous 32 oz. Naked & Famous jeans.

Getting to grips with a 32 oz. jean, we confirmed, is quite a tussle. Or, to be precise, it is an epic battle between man and the weaver’s art where there can only be one winner. Either the fabric finally yields and bows to its owner’s demands or that hapless chap simply gives up and goes back to a lighter, more manageable weight.

Chris’ advice was simple; wear the hell out of them and give them as much grief as possible!

With the 32 oz. Naked & Famous limited run being sold out as far as we know, this would all be a moot point were it not for SOSO Clothing having chanced upon a similar fabric which is just being released as the top-dog in their custom shop.

A Denim To Rival Anything From Zimbabwe

The denim is sourced from Xinjiang cotton from China’s deep, north-western interior which is then made on an old GA615 shuttle loom. The dyeing process is rope and piece dyeing.

Xinjiang cotton is still relatively unknown in the premium denim scene but what makes it special is how soft it becomes when it is actually woven into a length of cloth. With staple lengths of around 4cm, it feels just as soft as its illustrious Zimbabwean counterpart.

However, such is the scarcity of this 32 oz. weight that SOSO have had to limit their run to only thirty pairs of their custom jeans. This, they confirmed in a brief newsletter that just landed in our inbox.

A Tale Of Acting On Instinct

SOSO’s Johan Blom picks up the story;

We always looked up to Naked & Famous and their creativity in their denim manufacturing.  We had the privilege to meet Brandon from N&F with his 32 Oz in Bangkok a couple of years ago and we were completely stoked by it.

When we had the chance a couple of months ago to acquire this awesome fabric sourced straight from one of our new suppliers, we did not hesitate to buy. The worst thing that could happen was a few broken machines and a failed attempt to make the monster that N&F made.

As it turned, out we completed the task and made this available combining our custom service to the lucky 30 that can now decide how they want their world’s heaviest denim pair to look like.

Confirmed masochists will be disappointed that SOSO’s 32 oz. fabric is not as stiff as the Kojima-made Naked & Famous (it also comes in at some $200 less) but the rest of us can head over to SOSO and explore the customisation and fit options.

The Essentials

  • 32 oz. indigo dyed, red-line Xinjiang selvedge denim
  • 6 basic fits with optional alterations
  • 19 choices of thread colour
  • 6 choices of decorative selvedge id
  • Various hardware options, embroidery, patch upgrades and other enhancements
  • Limited to 30 pairs
  • Price: $349 including free-shipping

Only available online and on a strict first-come, first-served basis.

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