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A Facelift And A New Home For Denimhunters

We’re so pleased that you have found us! If you are a first-time visitor, it is great to see you and if you came here by way of Denimhunters, let’s take a moment to explain what is happening round here.

Building up Denimhunters from a hobby blog to a forceful and respected voice in the denim community was both hard work and great fun. We had a blast and always tried our best to listen to our readers’ feedback.

We listened when you said that you wanted us to get more in to boots and leather and we listened when you said that you wanted a wider range of accessories and stuff for men.

What this all means is that we have outgrown the Denimhunters name and are rebranding as Rope Dye Crafted Goods.

Spreading Our Wings

So, over the coming months, you will be seeing us branching out to include even more content on the subjects that float your boat.

We are putting together a tight, Berlin-based team which will build Rope Dye in to an online men’s lifestyle magazine which truly reflects our passion for well-crafted menswear as well as other cherished products and designs that that have the balls to stand up against today’s throw-away culture, unsustainable manufacture and unfair working practices.

Some things won’t change, though. Our aim has always been to champion new and emerging brands and trends and to bring both up-coming and established artisans to a wider audience. We’ll still be doing that, only more so.

However, Denimhunters will not completely disappear, far from it. Thomas will be using the name to fly the flag for his industry consulting business, book-writing activities and other personal projects as he goes out on his own.

Our Store

The existing Denimhunters store has also moved over to Rope Dye. It is continuing to grow month-on-month while also opening up new readers to our editorial content and providing precious exposure to our Brand Partners.

Carefully growing the store is also high on our list of priorities. It is our way of supporting the craftsmen and women who create and conceive all these wonderful products. And, we’re making it as easy as possible for you, our customers, to get your hands on them!

Have Your Say

Please join in on the comments and jump on to our rapidly expanding list of subscribers to our weekly Newsletter. And, of course, we are always open to suggestions and ideas over on our contact page.

Matt Wilson Rope Dye

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