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Denham the Jeans Makers release their first footwear collection

RunAmok through the streets of Amsterdam with Denham the Jeans Maker

Although the distinctive scissor logo from Denham the Jeans Maker has found its way onto footwear before, (see the Jack Purcell collab from a while back), Denham have never gone all-out on a full footwear collection, that is until now.

From the Founder

“At DENHAM we’re all fans of footwear, and combining jeans and sneakers is how we create unique looks. Our unisex Runner Moccasin is a high-spec, tailor-made sneaker incorporating all the best construction and material ingredients.”

Jason Denham, Chief Creative Officer of DENHAM.

Footwear Foundation

The cornerstone of the collection is the runner/moccasin hybrid. Sounds strange, right? But the clever folks over there at the Denham design offices in Amsterdam have beautifully melded this traditional Native American wrap-around shoe style with the modern look and feel of a running shoe.


Run Amuck with RunAmok

The unisex runner/moc hybrid ,or the “RunAmok” as it’s been dubbed, comes in a low cut slip-on or a mid-length lace up. The latter featuring another great nod to their American Indian ancestry, with an interchangeable coloured leather top. This detail was adopted from the Canadian Aboriginals who would use this technique to mark their tribe.


Rounding off the Collection.

We also see two black leather biker boot styles as well as a chuck boot coming in either black of cognac with the entire collection crafted reasonably close to home in Portugal using premium, chrome-free cow leather.


How to get your hands on a pair.

These fine looking pieces of footwear can be found at the Denham retail stores, but if you can’t find one close to home, fear not. You can also get hold of them online through the Denham online shop.

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