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A Decade Of DENHAM: The 10 Year Anniversary Book from the Jean Maker

Denham the Jean Maker turns 10 this year. They celebrate by looking back on the last 10 years with a book documenting the journey so far.

There are the brands that have been around forever. Your Levi’s for sure. Lee. Wrangler. You know, the Big Three. But there are other brands that are so intrinsically woven into denim culture that it seems they have always been there too.

If I think back to when I was first getting into raw denim, brands like Nudie and Naked and Famous were our gateway drug. We lusted after the shadow Selvedge from 3Sixteen. Tellason taught us all about made in the USA and then there were all the Japanese guys… it just seems they have always been there too. But many of these brands are relatively young.

Time Flies!

One such brand turns 10 this year. The aptly named (Jason) Denham the Jean Maker celebrates a decade in the denim business in 2018.

They mark this with the book, A Decade Of DENHAM which documents the journey over the last 10 years.

Local Talent

The Denham guys got together with the Amsterdam based publisher, MENDO. Now, MENDO is not only a publisher, they started life as a bookstore. They specialize in very visually driven books, from fashion and design to lifestyle, photography and graphic design. So who better for the Denham guys to team up with?

It’s a Biggie

On the Denham website, they describe this book as a coffee table book. I guess what they mean by this is a book you could make a coffee table out of it. It is HUGE!

Through 512 pages and over 800 photographs, the tale of how Denham got its start to where it is today is told. Much of which by the man himself, Jason.

Check out the Vlog for a look inside this amazing book

A Valuable Addition to the Library

This is something I am really delighted to have in my library and I’ll be drawing on it for inspiration for years to come. If you want one of these amazing beasts of a book. You can get it through selected Denham stores, at Mendo and it’s also available online. It will run you  79 Euros which seems to be a crazy good price for a book like this.

Congratulations Denham!

Jason, and the rest of the Denham team. Congratulations. Big cheers to the last 10 years and here’s to the next!

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