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3sixteen’s Latest Release Rings True

What do you do when you have the garment game under control? 3sixteen has the answer!

For years now, 3sixteen have been straight killin it. They have their fits fine-tuned in a range of denim to dye (sic) for. The outerwear game is on point, as are the shirts, shoes, shorts, caps, T’s… the list goes on. They are truly a top to toe brand. So where does a brand like this go next?

Elevating your style

They look to those little accents that really elevate one’s style and nothing does this better than a great piece of jewellery.

Andrew and Johann looked to Good Art to help them realize their vision of a piece of jewellery that appears deceptively simple but is undeniably elegant and crafted to the highest possible standard. This takes the form of a signet ring and exemplifies all of what Good Art stands for.

Antique Reference

The rings reference antique family crest rings with just the right amount of taper to the shank that it fits comfortably on the finger. The design has an elegance and refinement that stands out against the trend for Mexican Biker rings we’ve seen dominate the heritage market over the last few years.

All the Options


There are a number of design options. You can go with the iconic 3sixteen crossed pickaxe logo or opt for an entirely blank option. But if you truly want to have a unique ring, you can have a letter of your choice custom engraved on the face of the ring.

Custom Made!

Each ring is custom made to order at the Good Art foundry in Los Angeles out of .925 sterling silver. Given that the rings are custom made to order, you can get your exact size. If you are in or around LA, jump into the store for a professional fitting or just drop the guys a mail, they will help you nail the sizing.

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