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Winter is Coming: Time to Get Your Love for the Glove On

Rope Dye Fall Glove Roundup

With Winter Round the Corner, Rope Dye Brings You 3 Pairs of Gloves That Are Perfect for Your Raw Denims

There is no point denying it, winter is coming. But right now we are in this transitional period. There is a cold snap in the air, but it’s not time to pull out the N1 just yet. You can still rock the denim tux with an extra layer over or under, but the lack of pockets leaves our hands swinging in the (cold cold) wind.

There is a pretty simple solution; gloves. The problem is that unless it is minus 20°C, people tend to look at you like you’re a pussy, or like you’re about to commit a crime. We say forget about what others think. But since you’ve already spend all your savings on the perfect winter coat, a nice pair of leather boots, and of course your heavyweight jeans, buy yourself a nice pair of gloves.

We have had a poke around out there and come up with 3 pairs of gloves that are going to look so true with your denims that the haters and the doubters will just wither away.

Rope Dye Fall Glove Roundup

Moto Stuka Bronze Shank Gloves

These leather gloves from Moto Stuka are simply so on point when it comes to denim that we wish it was cold out all year round. Okay, not really, but still. They are bought in from a local US manufacturer and the guys at Moto Stuka work their magic. They get shanked and finished with wax thread and then conditioned and waterproofed with Moto Stuka’s secret sauce; a balm made of locally sourced ingredients that gives the gloves their rich, distressed finish.

These gloves are going to get better and better with every wear. Available through the Monday Mo.Co. webstore.

Rope Dye Fall Glove Roundup

Norse Project Wool Gloves

There is a lot to be said for simplicity. These wool gloves from Norse Project are simply some of the best out there. They are manufactured in Scotland from 100% Scottish wool, the perfect material for these transitional autumn months. It wicks moisture away from the skin and retains heat better than most man made materials; durable and pretty simple to take care of.

The gloves come in a range of understated colours. Our favourite is the Slate Teal, which is pretty close to indigo. I say own it: top off the denim tux with these gloves. Those in the know will nod in reverence at the counterbalance of texture, material and weave. They are available through the Norse Project webstore.

Rope Dye Fall Glove Roundup

dhb Long Finger Windproof Cycling Gloves

All right, here I’m clearing throwing out a curve ball. These gloves may not have the denim look, but they are just so damn good. I have been rocking a pair myself ever since someone lifted my Hestras. In all honesty, they are more practical at this time of year.

These are cycling gloves first and foremost, but the design serves you well in all circumstances. They’re made from windproof fabric that will keep the elements off your hands whilst the ventilation holes on the palms keep you dry and comfy. The addition of the silicone print on the fingers makes handling smooth objects such as handlebars or iPhones no trouble at all. The Velcro strap gives you the perfect secure closure and the silicone pull tab means they are simple to take on and off. The final pièce de résistance is as nasty as it is awesome. There is a super absorbent fabric on the back of the glove, perfect for wiping your snotty nose while you are blasting about town, enjoying the last days on your bike.

Available through

Less is More, More of Less

Normally I live by the less is more principal. In this case a “one fits all” solution just doesn’t cut it. For most of us northern Europeans, this selection won’t see us through the colder winter months. You will need a proper set of cold weather gloves. But in this case practicality and sense dictates that two sets are totally justified.

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