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New Edwin Shop in London

Edwin has recently opened a new shop in London, and if you don’t have the opportunity to visit it yourself physically you can watch this short promotional video that they made to celebrate the opening of the shop.

This time I’ll just let Edwin do the talking:

“When conceptualizing the London Store, Edwin wanted to maintain a level of simplicity throughout its design that reflected the brand as a whole. In turn, that simplicity could then allow the focus to be product led, allowing the customer to experience a classic jeanery, with the ease of a well worn pair of denims.

With a history in denim production stretching back to 1947, it was important that the ‘heritage’ of Edwin’s brand and it’s integral history not be all consuming, but rather be used as a platform to create a clean, clear environment focused on product relevant to today, with an innate respect for the rules of the craft; quality construction using premium materials.

The use of recycled materials is prominent within the design of the store. Not only was it an eco-friendly option, but also helped highlight the symmetry between how we wear and use our denim, breaking it in, with each passing day becoming a closer part of ourselves and our style, looking better with time, becoming more reliable, sporting it’s quality and durability like a badge of honour. The flooring, denim wall, part of the walls and features where constructed using reclaimed scaffolding boards, previously having endured a lifetime on constructions sites, each of which holds its own story.”

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