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Shop Review: Støy Munkholm

When visiting Denmark’s second largest city to report about its denim suppliers, it’s hard to ignore Støy Munkholm. Since the potent and well-stocked multi-brand shop was opened in 2007 it has left a clear mark on the fashion scene of Aarhus and created a mecca of high-end brands. The concept behind the success is based on ambitious thinking, an eye for quality, and a steadfast belief that they’re giving the customers just what they want.

It may seem trivial, but the root of the success of Støy Munkholm lies with the old business idea that, “the customer is always right.” If you disregard all the fashionable and high-profile brands, the sky-high ambitions and ideals, the core of the concept is to offer the customers exactly what they want the most. In Støy Munkholm you’ll find only the best of the season.

Last year the interior of the first floor was changed radically when everything but the floors was painted bright yellow.

Worn in Red Wing boots in display.

In 2010, the Støy Munkholm webshop was launched. It became an instant success that has opened the door to a growing international market for online shopping. The stated goal is to create an virtual counterpart to the physical store where consumers are accustomed to individual guidance and inspiration of all the senses. An ambitious challenge in a media that cuts off the personal contact between seller and consumer down to a minimum.

Mood days: a recurring feature of Støy Munkholm.

Get one of the original Hawaiian shirts from Paradise Found.

Walking down the stairs, one of the first things you’ll notice is Hansen, new brand in the shop from this spring season. The constant changes in consumer demand clearly affect the brand portfolio of Støy Munkholm, and they are not afraid to make extensive and bold moves. When I visited the shop last summer the denim selection included brands like Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Lee 101, and Edwin. But due to changes in demand and the based on the performance, these traditional denim brands are unfortunately no longer stocked at Støy Munkholm.

However, the impressive portfolio currently comprises Acne, Red Wing, Nigel Cabourn, A.P.C., Our Legacy, Han Kjøbenhavn, S.N.S. Herning, Norse Projects, Wood Wood, Won Hundred, Gitman Bros., Polo Ralph Lauren, and many, many more. You can have a complete overview of all suppliers on their webshop.

Thermal jackets and vests from F.Engel, an extremely versatile piece of outerwear at an almost-too-good-to-be-true-price.

Just landed this spring are jeans and shirt from Directors Cut, the new sub-brand of NN.07, which you’ll also be able to find in the shop now.

French minimalism-jeans from A.P.C.

Støy Munkholm has one of Denmark’s largest selection of Acne jeans for men.

They also have a solid selection of women’s jeans, especially from Acne.

The new fitting rooms are eye catching and they’re an interesting and different way to solve the classic problem; incorporating them into the rest of the interior.

Contact information of the shop:

Store Torv 4, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

[email protected] (store manager Mike Guldberg Mortensen)

Review by Thomas Bojer.

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