Created in Holland, Crafted in Japan: The Benzak Denim Developers BDD-710

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After a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign, Benzak Denim Developers’ Garments Have Landed

Back in June, Lennaert Nijgh from Benzak Denim Developers announced that he would be needing the help from denim lovers to fund his new collection. He turned to Indiegogo. Lennaert achieved his target and, after a few months of production, the jeans finally arrived. For the lucky few, you could order a special edition from the Indiegogo x BDD webpage. That’s exactly what I did.

Features of the BDD-710 Jeans

This particular pair is the BDD-710 fit with a regular top block and tapered legs made of 14.7 oz. unwashed and sanforized selvedge denim woven from Zimbabwe cotton dyed with a green cast indigo blue. The fabric has been reproduced from a deadstock fabric.

Other important features include:

  • ‘Big 3 inspired’ coin pocket
  • Asymmetrical back pockets
  • 3 different yarn colours in two thicknesses
  • 2 types of stitch lengths
  • Bull’s horns back pocket stitching
  • Reversed debossed leather patch
  • Beltloops stitched under waistband
  • Clean lap seam at the inseams
  • Union Special 43200G chain-stitched hems
  • All made in Okayama, Japan

The 4-button fly closure features, for this Indiegogo edition, a silver button.

Another great feature of BDD denim is the sixth watch pocket. Today we carry a lot more around in our pockets, so Lennaert came up with the use of a sixth pocket. Now you can keep your hands clear and now both sides of the front pockets will also get that great fading with wearing them.

Back pockets have hidden rivets for extra strength and durability.

It is not only just the outside that looks great. Even the inside of the denim has some great features and details. On the waistband you can see the several tags that Benzak has made, the rivets that are used for the buttons have a BDD-signature, the pockets are made from chambray fabrics and even the back pockets have a chambray lining.

The leather patch has, contrary to what you mostly see, a reversed debossed vegetable tanned leather patch.

The Verdict of the BDD-710

All in all, this pair of jeans from Benzak is worth every cent. The construction and denim quality is top notch and the details are original and well-placed.

Buy the BDD-710 from out online store here. You can also read or reread the interview we did with Lennaert a while back, click here.

Photography: Michael van Hal

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