Levi’s Made & Crafted Go Nude for Fall/Winter 2014

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With heavy use of natural vegitable tanned leathers, Levi’s Made & Crafted have certainly caught our attention here at Denimhunters

I had always glossed over Levi’s Made & Crafted. It was all a bit pastel, all a bit preppy. Levi’s Vintage Clothing was much more interesting for the dedicated denimhead. Over the last couple of collections this has changed.

Levi’s Made & Crafted is certainly a much more “fashion” orientated entity, but we do see the collections pulling heavily from the Levi’s archives. Without having to religiously recreate like Levi’s Vintage Clothing, the pieces making up the collections can take inspiration from any number of sources to create some truly unique expressions.

The real triumph of the collection this season is not a denim piece. It is the other material denimheads venerate for its ability to age and evolve with the wearer; leather.

Nude Leather Jackets and Bags Are the Stars of the Collection

There are a number of pieces in the collection made from naturally tanned leather. The men’s jacket is a twist on the café racer style. Collarless with a slim fit the jacket certainly evokes the traditional café racer style but is quite a departure from the norm. The jacket for women is a little more true to its inspiration. It is in the Perfecto style with a slightly cropped back.

“We want to treat leather like one treats a pair of new jeans. Start from a raw – or nude– barely treated and lightly vegetable tanned state, and then live in it. See how the leather stretches and adapts to you, creating wear through experiences and the environment around you,” Peter Stolz, Men’s Designer for Levi’s Made & Crafted, explains.

There is also a weekender and a bucket bag made from naturally tanned leather. Very simple silhouettes that will allow the ageing and patina to become the definitive aspect of the piece.

The Jackets Are Certainly Not Cheap

Coming in at 850€, the jackets they are certainly not cheap. But with the twists on classic, timeless styles, the designers at Levi’s Made & Crafted have succeeded in creating a garment that you will be able to come back to time and time again. Augmenting this with the use of natural tanned leather and its ability to tell the story of the wearer, they have created a jacket that is the embodiment of everything we love about leather.

We will certainly be keeping an eye on Levi’s Made & Crafted in the future and look forward to watching developments of this kind. Head over to the Levi’s Made & Crafted website to have a good look through the whole collection. We also highly recommend spending some serious time perusing this seasons lookbook. Done in collaboration with WILDER magazine, it is more than a collection of imagery. It has some fantastic editorial content and adds an extra layer to the collections overall.

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