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Burg&Schild Partner With Indigofera To Bring Us “Iconic Items”

Burg & Schild Iconic Items Denimhunters

In This Exclusive Interview, Shane Brandenburg, Founder of the Denim Mecca Burg&Schild, Takes Us Through Everything a Biker Needs: The Iconic Items Collection

The Berlin based store Burg&Schild have been supplying only the finest denim, boots, clothes, and accessories it opened since 2007. Founder Shane Brandenburg, along with his dedicated team, are taking the next logical step: their first collaboration collection.

To realize his vision, Shane has teamed up with a brand he knows can deliver the goods, Indigofera. The two companies have a long established relationship, almost as long as both have existed; in fact Shane placed the very first order with Mats Andersson, the founder of Indigofera.

Since that time, the store and the brand have grown in lockstep. Burg&Schild grew into the denim mecca it is today by its unwavering dedication to providing ‘clothes not costumes for real men.’ This is just what Indigofera provides.


The concept of Iconic Items

The idea behind the Iconic Items collection is simple: it stems from a passion for motorcycles. The collection consists of five items, each designed to be the best of its particular type.

“I wanted to have the essential pieces that I could take with me when I’m going away for a weekend on my bike. You need good jeans, a T-shirt of course, a warm hoodie, a denim vest, and a blanket,” Shane explains.

Shane has brought his knowledge and instinct to bear and develops the concept. He has worked closely together with Mats and the Indigofera pattern cutter to make these ideas a reality. The Iconic Items collaboration is not a seasonal collection; these are icons of clothing. It will be expanded in the future to include other iconic pieces that compliment the initial concept. Let’s take a closer look at how the first five Iconic Items turned out.

Indigofera Shane Jeans

Delving into details: The Shane Jean

These jeans are made to be worn on a motorcycle, which the fit and the detailing reflects. The “Shane,” as it’s called, is a modification of the straight cut Clint, Indigofera’s best selling jean, made only a little bit wider. Cut from Indigofera’s unsanforized No. 2 denim, these jeans are shrink-to-fit. Weighing in at the 16 oz., Shane feels this is the perfect weight of denim.

“It’s heavy, but not too heavy. 16oz. is the perfect weight; I also want to ride with these jeans in summer.”

On the jean, you have a specially designed leather patch.

A feature to making a return is the hidden rivet. The Clint jean has been missing the hidden rivet since its first iteration – purists out there will love to see them return.


Letting the iconography shine: The T-Shirt

The T-shirt draws its inspiration from American biker club shirts and native American culture.

“I wanted the T-shirt to be like the shirts from the old motorcycle clubs. Big print in the back, small print on the front.”

An original motif and logo was created by Burg&Schild. The logo stands proud over the heart while the original motif is boldly displayed on the back. The shirt is woven from the finest pima cotton, and in a washed black it gives that distinct vintage vibe.

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