Burg&Schild Partner With Indigofera To Bring Us “Iconic Items”

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Where to get your hands on the Iconic Items

The Iconic Items collection is available in limited numbers and only through a few select stores; stores that Shane respects and trust to uphold the ethos of the collection. In Germany, naturally only Burg&Schild will carry the line.

Other retailers include VMC in Zürich, Rivet and Hide in London, Pancho and Lefty in Stockholm, Pinkomo in Helsinki, Sfäär in Talinn, Denim Heads in Prague, Code7 in St. Petersburg, and Nag Classic in Copenhagen.

All the great images from of the collection come from a road trip that the Burg&Schild and Indigofera crews took through Sweden along with their good friends from Garage Bar. Nicholas Bech from Wrenchmonkees rode along and took the pictures. They also shot a video of the whole trip, head over to the Burg&Schild website to check it out.

Burg & Schild Iconic Items Denimhunters

It is an exciting step for Burg&Schild to take. When the store went online, I was amazed how they managed to translate the store experience. They have done the same with the Iconic Items collection. The pieces are Burg&Schild. From top to bottom.

Head over to their web store to see all the garments in detail here. We would also strongly encourage you to have a good look at the full range from Indigofera here. Truly some icons of modern denim.

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