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In a New Campaign, Welsh Brand Hiut Denim Co. Let You Pick the Soundtrack Playing In Their Factory

Every brand wishes to engage their customers in a personal way. The more emotional the better, so the conventional wisdom goes. Hiut Denim Co., the Welsh firm that set out to make “one thing good” (jeans) in 2009, are being rather unconventional with their latest take on such attempts at bonding: they let Twitter users choose the music being played at the factory.

Dedicated Playlist Website

A specifically created website, hiutmusic.co.uk, allows everyone to follow the whole process, see what is currently played, who requested it, what tunes are liked best, and so forth.

A single tweet with the hashtag #HiutMusic followed by artist name and track title does the trick. By the wonders of the Internet of things, such a request immediately puts the suggested track on the playlist, to be then—hopefully—cheering up the workforce, grandly referred to as “Grand Masters.”

The Grand Masters aren’t helplessly exposed to eccentric musical tastes either; there is a “skip” as well as a “like” button at their end.

Hiut Are Known For PR With A Twist

The ploy seems to have taken off nicely; the playlist on the website is filled. Hiut has a history of being different in its PR. They publish a yearbook, available for sale on their website, and had a high tech interactive window display promotion at the Rivet and Hide store in London, thought up by the same agency, Knit, that has now created this musical wish list concept.

When considering whether a pair of Hiuts may be the right next choice, you can be boring and so yesterday and merely try a pair on. Or you can be on the forefront of things by figuring out via the playlist whether jeans made to this soundtrack are the ones for you.

On second thought, trying them on at some point might still be a good idea after all. Find a stockist near you here.

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