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Red Wing Shoes Hamburg: 4 Years In and Going Strong

The Red Wing boys in Hamburg celebrated their 4th anniversary in good style last week. There was a great selection of food and drink for all attending as well as professional boot care for your Red Wings.

Professional care of your Red Wings

Whatever model, leather, age or condition the boots came in with they left looking healthy, supple, and fully conditioned.

The guys were also ready with some expert advice on how to care for your Red Wings yourself at home.

For the First Timers

For some visitors, it was the first time in Red Wings. No problem. With experts on the floor to help visitors find the perfect fit and the right model for their lifestyle they were in safe hands.

All in all, everyone was there for a damn good time and a good chat.

That Feeling of Community

It was a couple of years after owner Kay Knipshild opened the doors of the Berlin Red Wing Store that he turned his attention to Hamburg. Similarly to Berlin, the Hamburg store has become more than a shoes store; it’s a pivot around which lovers of good boots, good denim, and good wares congregate. The feeling of community is always strong, as the crowd of happy customers and friends show.

So, we Rope Dye would like to wish them a happy anniversary and cheers to another four years, guys.

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