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Atelier Tossijn’s Wardrobe Collection Is Your Way Out of Daily Stress

An Hommage to Men’s Essentials, the “Wardrobe Collection” Has Your Back!

You might not want to admit it, but we men are facing challenges we thought only women had. We wake up every morning, pondering which jeans to wear and what to match them with. We’ve let ourselves become overwhelmed by the offerings of the market and now our closets are so swamped with options that we can’t make decisions.

Bespoke tailor Koen Tossijn of Atelier Tossijn is offering a new collection to make our lives easier. The Wardrobe collection, which Tossijn calls “un hommage a l’essentiel,” is the Dutch tailor’s look on the essentials every man needs, without stressing about trends or seasonal garments. It’s a mix a of made-to-measure and ready-to-wear. We’ve taken a closer look at the first category.

Atelier Tossijn JACKET 1
Atelier Tossijn JACKET 5
Atelier Tossijn JACKET 2
Atelier Tossijn JACKET 4

The Jacket

Inspired by the worker jacket, Tossijn’s made-to-measure jacket shows a clear, minimal style and interpretation of this iconic wardrobe cornerstone.

The jacket can be worn with denim or a pair of more formal trousers. The overall ton-sur-ton look makes it more versatile than the typical workman’s jacket, creating more of an archetypal feel.

It is constructed on a single needle machine and features hand-stitched details. The fabric is a 10 oz. yarn-dyed black selvedge twill made from US cotton and woven by Kuroki Mills in Japan.

Atelier Tossijn TROUSERS 1
Atelier Tossijn TROUSERS 3
Atelier Tossijn TROUSERS 2
Atelier Tossijn TROUSERS 4
Atelier Tossijn TROUSERS 5

The Trousers

Offering a more rugged take on formal trousers, Tossijn’s made-to-measure double-pleated trousers are as suitable for work as for casualwear. We particularly love the relaxed fit and authentic high waist!

These essential trousers are a perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern details. The inside construction and belt loops reveal selvedge detailsa subtle reference to denim heritageand the fabric is the same Japanese yarn-dyed black selvedge twill used for the jacket.

Like the jacket, which goes perfectly with the trousers, they’re constructed on a single needle machine and sport the same hand-stitched details.

Atelier Tossijn JEANS 4
Atelier Tossijn JEANS 1
Atelier Tossijn JEANS 3

The Jean

Of course, no man’s wardrobe can be complete without the perfect pair of jeans. Although the perception of what’s perfect is subjective, Tossijn’s take on the jean is refreshing and easily accessible for every denim aficionado. And, like the jacket and trousers, they’re made to measure.

Made from a 14 oz. natural indigo-dyed Kuroki denim, the jean comes without any lock stitching. The waistband is cut diagonally which gives the look and feel of a pair of trousers; clean and crisp.

They’re constructed without rivets and the back pocket is stitched on in one take. Other details to be found are the folded seams, selvedge details in the belt loops, Italian-made buttons and threads from a selected German manufacturer.

Atelier Tossijn SWEATER
Atelier Tossijn CAP

More Tossijn Essentials

Overall, the Wardrobe collection gives us the bare essentials we need in our closet. With the sole purpose of “taking your time,” Tossijn creates a relaxed vibe amidst all the stress in the manufacturing industry. By bringing the things we surround ourselves with back to a minimum, we get more time for what really matters.

The Wardrobe collection is currently expanding and, in addition to the jacket, trousers and jeans, it already includes a merino sweater and a wool cap. These two items are part of the ready-to-wear selection. Koen Tossijn plans for the collection to eventually include a total of 15 pieces.

You can stay up-to-date at Atelier Tossijn’s website.

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