Updated: How To Age Vegetable-Tanned Leather Perfectly

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Choose A Quality Item Made From Quality Leather

It is important that you start off with well-made items and something you want to keep for a good long time. Building patina takes time and hard wear and the item needs to be durable enough to withstand that. Usually, as it’s also the case with denim, price and quality are connected. But do your homework.

We found this bifold wallet out of the blue from an unexpected source; Wrench and Needle hail from Istanbul and make some very fine leather goods. Very fine indeed! More on the finer details of this brand soon, but in the meantime, it gives us the perfect chance to see how to start your vegetable-tanned leather off on the right footing.

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Reaching Perfection Takes Time, Just Like With Denim

Just like denim, there is no hard and fast way to achieve beautiful patina on vegetable-tanned leather.

One thing is for certain though, it need use and time. The effect won’t happen over night but if you stick with it you are certain to achieve a patina that is all of your own.

If you are looking for a project, it would be a good notion to have a glance at Wrench and Needle’s website.

Share Your Patina Routine

If you have your own way of starting your leather off on the right foot, let us know in the comment section or send along some pictures with a little tale of how you got your leather goods to look so damn awesome.

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