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New Drop: The Essential Iron Heart Vest now in 25 oz Indigo Denim!

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Super Rare and Going FAST. This 25oz monster from Iron Heart is certainly not for the light-hearted!

Ok, this is going to be a quickie because these things are selling out FAST! We know how much you Denimheads love Iron Heart so we want to let you guys know about them before they vanish forever.

A Homage to Brotherhood and Rebellion

One of the staples from Iron Heart is their well-loved 21 oz denim vest and is based on the iconic Type III Trucker jacket from Levi’s. Starting back in the 60s the Type III Trucker was often the jacket of choice to have the arms hacked off and adorned with the patches of biker clubs or gangs. These custom garments would be worn with pride by the club members and stood as a symbol of non-conformity to outsiders and brotherhood to their club.

In recent years, many denim brands choose to pay homage to this symbol of brotherhood and rebellion by creating their very own denim vest. No need to get out the scissors!

An Iron Heart Essential

The Iron Heart version came in their famous 21oz denim and quickly became an “essential” in the Iron Heart collection.

Now, founder Haraki has created a very limited run of Indigo 25 oz vests. The style and fit match the original, but Haraki has opted for heavy duty snaps to close the vest instead of metal buttons. A good choice in our opinion. Wrangling buttons through 25oz denim would be a hard job!


  • Based on a traditional Type III jacket (minus the arms of course)
  • Super heavy 25oz indigo selvedge denim
  • Oversized snaps in place of the usual buttons
  • Hand Warmer Pockets
  • All seams felled
  • Taped arm openings
  • Sanforized (however the guys at Iron Heart do warn that you may see slight shrinkage)
WELL WORTH A READ >  Smurf on set. Amsterdam Denim Days is about to kick off!


The mail telling us these things were up online, came in 3 hours ago. They are already endangered. If you want one, jump right over to the Iron Heart Webstore NOW!

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