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New Release: Red Wing 8819 6″ Moc Toe Boot (Oro Russet Portage/Abilene)

Red Wing - 8819 - Moc Toe

Red Wing take the rough with the smooth in their latest iteration of the 6″ Moc Toe

There is nothing more Red Wing than the Moc Toe. From its release in the 50s as an 8-inch high hunting boot, it captured the hearts and feet of everyone from farmers to construction workers to icons of menswear such Jack Nicholson and Steve McQueen.

There have been many!

Over the years there have been numerous iterations. Variations in leather from blue to black to green to hunting camouflage and some horrendous experiments in our souls… The 90s was a dire time Red Wing!

Tried true and tested

Red Wing has always returned to the tried true and tested classic. Oro Legacy “Red Setter” leather over a white crepe sole. This crisp combo comes in the original 8-inch model 877 and the lower, 875. The 875 has always been the boot that Red Wing has had a little more fun with. The latest iteration is no different.

The rough with the smooth

The 8819 combines two different types of leather. The lower vamp, moc-toe, and heel counter come in Oro Russet Portage leather whilst the vamp and shaft are constructed from full-grain Abilene rough out leather. Both types of leather are a deep rust red and the contrasting textures work beautifully on the Moc Toe silhouette.

Like all Red Wing boots, the 8819 is built on a Goodyear welt meaning the boots can be resoled over and again. They will likely outlive you!

Don’t confuse Rough-Out with Suede!

Suede is normally relegated to the runways and fashion brands because it is soft, supple and not very durable. This is because most tanneries split the leather making it thin and much weaker than full grain leathers. Not what you want for your work boots!

On the other side of the hide

S/B. Foot Tanning just use the other side of the hide. This rough surface leather is still full grain and just as durable as any of the smoother leathers in Red Wings lineup. It has the added bonus of soaking up indigo like no other leather. You’ll really get some fine patinas if you combine these with a new pair of raw denim jeans and wear them both to hell and back!

This ain’t the first time

This isn’t the first time Red Wing have experimented with this leather combo. Last years collaboration with the crazy biker dudes at Eat Dust yielded the 4327 Peco. Check them out here!

Dropping today!

The boots drop today. head along to your local Red Wing Store if you are lucky enough to have one around the corner or if not Son a of Stag can send you along a pair.

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