The Secrets of Shrinking Unsanforized Denim

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Shrinking Unsanforized Denim

Our last, but by no means least denim expert is Daniel Cizmek, the man responsible for bringing some of the best Japanese denim over to Europe.

Over the years, Daniel has shrunk down jeans for himself and his customers at DC4; he has seen and done it all when it comes to shrinking unsanforized denim.

Daniel is “okay” with the bathtub ritual up to a point. He doesn’t mind seeing people stepping into their tubs wearing their jeans. The water should be around 40 degrees centigrade and he recommends you sit there for 15-20 minutes. Once out of the tub do a few squats. This will set in the honeycombs and whiskers. Then take them off and lay them on a drying rack.

For Daniel, personally this is too much trouble.

“I have done this whole celebrity thing. Lying in the bath with jeans on. But I don’t do it anymore. It is too much hassle.”

Instead, he just throws them in the bath and lets them air dry.

Essential Advice

Daniel does offer this essential piece of advice, however:

Shrink to fit jeans should never be worn before they have been soaked!

The cotton needs the water to tighten and bind together. If you don’t soak the jeans, the cotton will break up much, much faster. Wearing them immediately the cotton yarn gets very dry and brittle.

When it comes to the first wash, Daniel adds that some types of jeans, The Flat Head, for example, can shrink slightly up to the third wash. Keep this in mind when you have your jeans hemmed, allow yourself a little wiggle room with the cuffing.

As a parting tip, Daniel gives us the solution to true to size unsanforized jeans:

If your jeans are a tight fit around the waist and you can’t afford a loss of inches, insert a piece of wood in the waist. It should be half the length of your actual waist. This will prevent the denim shrinking down, making them wearable.

Myths Busted. Sense Prevails

So, there you have it folks. For the denim experts, it is quite universal; the days of wearing your denim in the bath are long gone. The reality is much simpler, much less messy and a lot more comfortable.

How about you dear readers, any particularly quirky methods for shrinking jeans? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Thanks to Freshness Magazine for the awesome images of Kiya.

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