Fart Filtering Denim: The Ultimate Way To Avoid Smelly Jeans

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Smelly Jeans Is (Apparently) A Real Issue For Some Denim Fans. This UK Company Has Invented A Solution

Like most raw denim aficionados I don’t wash my jeans very often. When I tell people, the common reaction is a mix of bafflement and disgust. Why? Don’t they stink?!

Mine don’t. And if you just soak or air them every now and then, yours won’t either. Click here for our five-step guide to soaking you raw denim.

Odour Filtering Jeans That Conceal Your Shame

But more often than not it is not the jeans that are stinking, it is what lurks under them. UK based company Shreddies have created fart filtering jeans that apparently guarantee non-stinkiness. Yes, you read that right, fart filtering jeans!

All right, they’re not exactly raw, and the brand’s website doesn’t mention anything about how or where they’re made. But, the target audience probably couldn’t care less.

The website does explain how it actually works though:

“Shreddies flatulence filtering jeans feature a carbon lining which eliminates odours. The carbon lining gives increased protection and more freedom to enter social situations.”

Should you suffer from too much gas, we recommend you change your diet before you opt out on raw denim jeans.

You could also start with Shreddies fart filtering underwear? If your butt still stinks, yeah, wash your jeans! We also have guides for that. Find them here.

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