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The Selvedge Run Rose From the Aches of the Giant

Now, the fallout from BBB’s moves over the recent year is well-documented here on Rope Dye and the results also. What we haven’t talked much about is what’s to happen post-BBB.

Shane saw this as an opportunity, recognising that many of the brands he loved would not follow Karl-Heinz Müller to Spain, he approached Andreas about setting up a trade show that could be home to these brands.

With the hoo-ha of Bread & Butter’s location change back to Berlin, the plans were shelved. Then came the cancellation and insolvency of Bread & Butter. The plans were pulled down and the ball was once again rolling.

A few short weeks is not a lot of time for an event such as this to find its feet and the Selvedge Run does have its work cut out for it.

Selvedge Run Berlin Denimhunters

They have a space; an old industrial building in the East of Berlin. They are working on building up a team and working on gathering a portfolio of brands that will inform the overall ethos of the event as a whole.

And this ethos is where the fascinating part comes in. This is not just denim folks, the Selvedge Run has a potential to be so much more than that.

It has the chance to be a platform that celebrates craft in clothing and accessories in all guises. And in doing so reflect, as much as nurture, the full potential of heritage inspired fashion.

The Changing Face of Heritage

Even as early as last summer, a discussion about the changing shape of the heritage fashion scene was taking place. It is a reflection of the essence of fashion and a reflection of the changing habit of the consumer. The popularity of the heritage style is waning and has been for a while now. Left in its place is a desire for the quality that led many to discover the heritage brands in the first place.

Once an individual has been indoctrinated into the spirit of ethically made, quality garments, it tends to inform all their choices in consumption from then on in. We are left with the spirit of heritage, longevity, quality, ethics, but people seek more contemporary brands to fulfil a more developed aesthetic.

The Selvedge Run is making moves to be the platform by which these brands can showcase their wares and find an audience.

“The main topic of what we are doing is craft. We are trying to be a showroom, a platform for brands that are “anti-Primark:” brands that don’t define themselves as fashion and are against the throwaway culture of mass consumption.”

Selvedge Run Berlin Denimhunters

Two Sides of The Same Coin

As much as Shane has near-canon knowledge of the world of heritage inspired fashion, the addition of Daniel Werner, previously of 14 oz., brings the level of connoisseurship to the next level. Daniel is the perfect compliment to Shane in bringing together a group of brands that fulfil this philosophy of craft that captured Andreas’ imagination.

If the brands listen, if they understand what the Selvedge Run guys are trying to say, and, of course, if they take a little leap of faith, it will be a tour de force. The Selvedge Run has the possibility to not only showcase craft in garment manufacture, but also be a driving force in Berlin, and subsequently in Europe.

We will leave you with an excerpt from the interview told through the metaphor of raw denim, which more than anything, ties together the show:

“The platform we are trying to create goes beyond raw denim. Raw denim is a beautiful example. If I see how The Real McCoy’s or The Flat Head are producing their garments. I find in these brands the whole approach I love. There are other brands out there with the same approach and you are going to find this, thankfully, all over the world and not only in Japanese raw denim.”

Get regular updates about Selvedge Run from their Facebook page.

Many thanks to Horst A. Friedrichs, the Selvedge Run and Anny Ck for the images

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